Two major renovations, a history of several repair rescues, and many home updates along the way. Mark you and your crew get it right every time. We especially love the synergy that your trades have between one another. We know it has saved us time and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your quotes are right on and without any surprises along the way. It is our absolute pleasure and confidence to continue to refer you to our friends and clients.
The Cohens

Mark, Jamie and the rest of the team at Scottsdale Contracting are an outstanding organization that have consistently either met or exceeded my expectations when it comes to our home renovation needs.  The home that we are in is the third one that we have turned to Scottsdale for help planning and renovating and we are absolutely delighted with the results.  Mark, Jamie and their long-term and dedicated contracts provide consistency and service, attention to detail and an approach to building and renovating homes that makes our family feel as if they were part of theirs.  I can’t say enough about this organization. Big or small, short-term or long, they do a terrific job for us and are always there when we call.

L. Baldachin
Mark and Jamie and the team at Scottsdale built the house we have been living in for the past four years, as well as having completed various additional projects on our property. We are extremely happy with the quality of the workmanship and construction. In addition, the Scottsdale team has a long-term sense of ownership and responsibility for their work. Whether you are considering a custom build or renovation, on of the most compelling reasons for choosing Scottsdale Contracting is that their projects are supported by a group of highly responsive and capable tradespeople. The Scottsdale team has been extremely helpful in resolving any issues or concerns with the house on an ongoing basis. We give Mark and Jamie our unconditional recommendation, and would be delighted to have them work with us again.
The Williamsons

We have used Scottsdale Contracting on two occasions. The first time was to renovate the kitchen and lower level family room of our 1930’s Toronto home.  We were presented with a cost estimate and a timeline for the completion of work. The cost estimate proved to be completely accurate and the projected completion date was met. The workmanship was outstanding and we were completely satisfied with the results.

When it came time to completely gut the two upper levels of our next home, we never considered calling anyone else to quote on the work. We knew Mark would make valid suggestions on keeping costs down and would suggest excellent suppliers.  This time the renovation took four months to complete and we were not even in the country for the duration of the renovation! When small problems were encountered, they were in touch with us regarding solutions and accurate cost estimates.  When we returned home we were thrilled with the outcome, once again the workmanship was outstanding, the budget was realized and the timelines were respected.

We would not hesitate to use Scottsdale Contracting for any further work we might do in the future and we would, and have, recommended them to others.

The Ruddys
Hi Mark.

Ann and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for making our renovation project a surprisingly enjoyable experience. We had heard horror stories from friends and neighbours about their respective renovation experiences and happily ours bore no resemblance to any of their examples.

The overall service from you, Jamie and the the rest of your crew was exceptional. The quality of the work was outstanding, especially the attention to detail which we found very impressive. As important for us, and perhaps an indication of the integrity of your firm, has been the post construction service period- it has been excellent.

The renovation project work was completed as designed and as scheduled with no delay at any stage of construction. Overall the entire process, from the design phase, through the period of permit approvals and on to the build out was smooth and without issue.

Thanks again.
A & T Griffith
In late November 2002, we were able to move back into our newly renovated home by Scottsdale Homes. Our story goes something like this....

In the mid-1990's, we purchased an old Georgian center hall type home in north Etobicoke. The house was small but the lot size was generous and we always had dreams of making our small home a much bigger family home. Most of the homes in the area were either renovated or built up new. What started out as a simple addition in our eyes, soon became a
complete renovation and gutting of the existing space plus a large basement and two floor extension. Our 1500 square foot home became a 3200 square feet house.

We did our homework and met with a few contractors/builders. Some didn't really seem interested in our project as it wasn't big enough. However, when we met Mark Allison from Scottsdale Homes, there was instant comfort and trust. Mark quickly threw some ideas together and really understood our objectives in terms of space, our concerns about
integrating the old space with the new space and lastly, our budget.

We were so naive going into all of this and he likely knew it. We were young and had no experience in this type of work. Mark had children and seemed to relate on several levels. There was incredible transparency in terms of allowing us on-sight to view his many projects. We were able to get ideas and see the many options that we could consider. We saw some small modest projects as well as some very high end projects. We'll never forget walking through Antonio Davis' home and feel like such small fish in a big pond. However, Mark showed us finishes and options that we could exercise. He made us feel like
we were his only client each and every time.

It was great to take advantage of the contacts and established relationships that Scottsdale Homes have. For instance, we connected with an architect that Mark has worked with on many occasions and a designer that he also has worked with. Having these three know each other and have the experience of working with one another made our job so easy. Our renovation experience was an incredibly positive one. Our project was pretty much on time and on budget. We made a few adjustments along the way but it was completely our doing.

Mark and his team took care of all permits and managing all of the trades people. Scottsdale's team was amazing. There were a couple of touch-up's over the years and Mark was always willing to send in a trades person to fix the job. He stands behind the quality of his work and his people.

You don't have to look far to hear horror stories about home renovations. However, ours is not one of them. It's been seven years
since Scottsdale renovated our home and given that our kids are now 9 and 14, we've invited Mark back to renovate our basement. There was no hesitation on our part and when you ask a contractor or builder back,
you know you've got a good thing!
T & M Foggetti